Will t-shirts be custom?

Custom t-shirt refers to a made-to-order t-shirt in which customers can provide their favorite design and their own measurements to shoppers for stitching.


Custom t-shirt refers to a made-to-order t-shirt in which customers can provide their favorite design and their own measurements to shoppers for stitching. designers and producers can design custom t-shirts from customers’ specific demands from an online template, using different colors, fabrics, and shapes to make their own ‘unique’ product. 

Nowadays, custom t-shirts are prevalent that contribute to the strong development and popularity of customization in fashion. 

What are the benefits of Custom T-shirts?

It is firmly claimed that custom t-shirts never go out of date, why is that? Tmsleo gives you the reasons right now. 

Spark interest

A custom tee can help you draw attention from others that are believed to be an effective way to pique someone’s interest and curiosity. The logo and design on your t-shirt can tell them your personality, interest, etc, things you want to display. Nowadays, custom t-shirts are prevalent not only because of their stunning look but also because of their special designs. Each design on a custom t-shirt can be a statement of personality that carries your own special characteristics. You certainly will love yourself more and be aware of your own merit which deserves to display. 

Provide a wider reach

Well, you can see this spread at the presidential elections when many people wear the same custom t-shirts to vote for their president of choice. It is believed that custom t-shirts are comparable to walking advertisements, which makes them effective for launching a wider reach. As a result, custom t-shirts are also used as teams’ uniforms, companies’ clothing, etc. In particular, at significant campaigns, custom t-shirts are an indispensable tool for spreading the message. 

Work as a conversation starter

Meeting someone for the first time, if there is no similarity, surely it is hard to start a conversation. However, custom t-shirts can help you sometimes as they carry your own brand name, personality, interest, and hobby. You will realize that it is not too tough to start conservation and lead to get on well with strangers.

Well, now think about the purpose of your custom tee such as a powerful statement, and come up with an interesting logo or tagline. Or you can come to Tmsleo.com to seek an exclusive and trendy custom t-shirt or give the shop design you want to print, Tmsleo certainly completes the shirts for you. 

Create unity among members

Wearing custom t-shirts will bring you a sense of belonging as when you share mutual interests with others, it is easy to bond together and form relationships.  Custom t-shirts are really powerful in creating a sense of unity as well as building solidarity among team members, employees, students, customers, and clients. You can encounter that in many movements, demonstrations, campaigns, etc. For instance, you are in a room with a bunch of people wearing the same shirt, how do you feel? Surely you will have the feeling of a strong, unifying community. Custom t-shirts are tools to build a strong community, team, company, etc. 

Make a lasting impression

It is believed that printing images or logos on your custom tees is a greater chance at which people will remember you for a longer period of time. In the beginning, you spark your interests via custom t-shirts and then people will appeal to what you display on your clothing. 

It is an effective tactic if you are running a business because t-shirts customized can help a lot of small businesses and startups to gain more attention, as well as to increase customer engagement.

Save more money

The truth is you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket when printing and distributing custom t-shirts because they do not cost arms and legs as you think. In particular, nowadays, printing technology has significantly developed and is widely used in creating custom products. It is an economical and efficient approach for yourself and your brand.

Tmsleo is a trusted custom t-shirt brand that can provide you unique and stunning custom t-shirts at reasonable and stable prices. Many discount programs are also available for customers when they order t-shirts from our shops.

Boost employee morale

With the function of building unity, custom t-shirts are widely worn in companies to boost their employees’ spirit. They believe that these t-shirts are a great way to show employees that they are valued in the company and they belong to the company. Owning a sense of pride will help staff, workers have a strong attachment to their workplace, boss, and colleagues. Besides, if employees feel proud of their work, they are more likely to work harder, which results in higher productivity levels.

The power of custom t-shirt printing

Custom t-shirts can be more beneficial for individuals and communities, companies, etc than we can imagine because their power presents both invisible and visible perspectives. 

At Tmsleo, we offer high-quality printing services that can match your apparel needs. We can also provide you with several customization options, so you can achieve your ideal design. In addition to t-shirts, we can also customize many other products such as tank tops, mugs, caps, socks, etc. 

What are the keys to create Custom T-shirts?

If you have the intention of creating your own custom shirt, there are a few things to keep in mind. No matter what type of design you want to create such as for fashion, a special occasion, a sports team, or a promotional product, etc, these criteria can help. 

Review your art

While adding a logo, a slogan, or custom art to your shirt, make sure that it is prepped for printing. It is better to review your printing carefully so that your design pattern is stunning and avoids being pixelated. Choosing proper size artwork, not too small or too large is perfect. 

An important thing you should check is how the design will look after being printed on the t-shirts, be sure that you really love it. Reviewing your artwork is a key step in making sure you end up with the perfect custom shirts whether you make the custom t-shirt for your own or for your company or team. 

In particular, if you created custom t-shirts for branding purposes, reviewing artwork is urgently important. You should not skip as you should ensure that the artwork can convey something about who you are and what you are doing.

Color options

As the color selection is an important part of the design process, it is essential to take care in selecting colors when designing your shirt. Color selections are not only for artwork but for the shirt as well. Proper color of the t-shirt can affect your comfort as well as the harmony of the design printing. 

There are many factors you should consider when selecting colors for your custom t-shirt.

Regarding the surrounding environment, if you wear it in an environment with hot weather year-round, consider choosing a lighter color as lighter shades reflect sunlight and help keep the wearer cool. Conversely, a darker color may be the way to go if you live in a cooler climate.

With regard to demography, it is obvious that young people tend to wear brighter colors and older ones may favor colors on the more neutral end of the spectrum. Generally, darker custom shirts tend to hide stains well and light ones are a solid standby but may become soiled more easily and they are more likely to be discarded. 

Nevertheless, the color of your logo or artwork should contrast with the color of your custom shirt as that can ensure the popping of the artwork. For instance, green contrasts with red, black contrasts with white. With a light shirt, a dark color for your logo or artwork will be ideal and versa. In fact, the color contrasting element is vital as readability translates into visibility and it is great to let your artwork shine when creating custom t-shirts. 


Placement determines the style of your custom shirt, therefore, you should be creative and careful when it comes to placing your design patterns. 

For example, place your artwork in a highly visible area if you want it to take center stage but keep in mind that high-visibility areas include large sections such as the front and back of the shirt. Placing your artwork in an area of lower visibility, such as an upper corner of the chest, will be more subtle. In the case of purely decorative artwork, you can put it in a less visible area for a subtle effect. 

In fact, you have a variety of options for placing your printing pattern, depending on your t-shirts’ purposes and your own look. 

Size considerations

Along with placement, artwork size is another important element to consider when designing your custom shirt. It is believed that larger artwork is a bolder style choice as it is easier to spot from far away, whereas, a smaller logo or piece of artwork is a more subtle accent. 

Depending on the purpose of your custom shirt, it is necessary to take the right size for your artwork on custom t-shirts. 

Making your custom t-shirts

Well, the last step is to leave the printing to a designer. In particular, choosing the right printing venture is the most important part of turning your design into a custom shirt. At Tmsleo, we have talented and reputable designers who can create exclusive and stunning custom t-shirts for you. As a trusted brand for custom t-shirts, we are believed and highly appreciated by millions of customers. 

Create your custom t-shirt right now on Tmsleo.com!

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